Koi Halfmoon Betta
Andromeda Galaxy Koi Halfmoon Betta
May 22, 2018
Deep Red Metallic Spartan HMPK Betta
Deep Red Spartan Metallic HMPK Betta
May 23, 2018

Alpine Fancy Marble Halfmoon Betta


Grab the real chance to own this beauty..

This Alpine Fancy Marble Halfmoon Betta is an exotic beauty and he shows off his full splendor with his colors and vigor.

View the images of this Alpine Fancy Marble Halfmoon Betta and appreciate this warrior’s beauty.

Age: About 4 months old

Size: Medium to large


We have here an Alpine Fancy Marble Halfmoon Betta.

A beautiful greenish blue coloration with blue spot patterns all over his body. At a certain angle he looks green but at another angle the betta looks blue. An interesting coloration and colour combination.

He is an aggressive Betta, flares well and will make a great addition to your collection.

Grab the chance to own this Alpine Fancy Marble Halfmoon Betta now before its gone!

Whatsapp us at 93827194 if you are interested in this beautiful Betta.

We are able to deliver this Alpine Fancy Marble Halfmoon Betta to any address within Singapore.

***Delivery charge of $10 applies. Free delivery for acquiring 2 Bettas or more***


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