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October 16, 2017
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October 17, 2017

Blue Marble Halfmoon Betta (Released!)

With all its splendid glory, this Blue Marble Halfmoon is on fire! Don’t miss the chance to own this gorgeous Blue Marble Halfmoon Betta.

He flares well and has good form. He is also a hearty eater and when in full aggressive mode, shows off his full splendour.

View the images of this Blue Marble Halfmoon Betta and the video below.

Age: About 3.0 months old


We have here a Blue Marble Halfmoon Betta.

A young and robust Blue Marble Halfmoon Betta. Nice blue coloration with white marbling near the head area.

Good form and finnage and is an active Marble Halfmoon Betta that flares at any threats readily.

Grab the chance to own this Blue Marble Halfmoon Betta now before its gone!

Whatsapp us at 93827194 for more info.

We are able to deliver this Koi Halfmoon Betta to any address within Singapore.

***Delivery charge of $8 applies. Free deliveryif you acquire 2 Bettas or more***


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