Red Shadow Koi Halfmoon Betta (Released!)

Red Shadow Koi Halfmoon Betta (Released!)

With all its splendid glory, this Red Shadow Koi Halfmoon Betta is on fire! Don’t miss the chance to own this gorgeous Koi Betta.

He flares well and has good form. He is also a hearty eater and when in full aggressive mode, shows off his full splendour.

View the images of this Koi Halfmoon Betta and the video below.

Age: About 3.5-4.0 months old

Product Description

We have here a Red Shadow Koi Halfmoon Betta.

A robust and aggressive Koi Halfmoon Betta with black marble markings on a deep red body coloration. Green coloration on the dorsal and caudal base enhances the Koi Betta’s overall look.

Being a Koi Halfmoon Betta, some parts of the Betta’s tail are transparent. This is what differentiates the Koi Halfmoon Betta from the other types Bettas out there.

The Red Shadow Koi Halfmoon Betta we have here is very active and agile. It will react to any threat with aggression and raw energy.

As you can see from the images and video, this Koi Halfmoon Betta is indeed an attractive Betta.

Have this Betta added to your Betta collection. It will definitely be a nice addition to any living space or office.

Grab the chance to own this Koi Halfmoon Betta now before its gone!

Whatsapp us at 93827194 for more info.

We are able to deliver this Koi Halfmoon Betta to any address within Singapore.

***Delivery charge of $8 applies. Free delivery for purchases of 2 Bettas or more***



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