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Hi! Welcome to the BettaSplendid website. We are a group of Betta breeders who are passionate about Bettas. We created this site so that we can share and chronicle all things Betta.


The poetry of earth is revealed when you look deep into nature

Lets enjoy nature.

And bettas being a part of nature is mesmerizing

We are a group of Betta hobbyists and breeders and most of us have been keeping Bettas for more than 10 years. Our first Bettas were Plakats and Veiltails. They are the type that any schoolboy can acquire at that time at the local fish shop. In the past rearing Bettas to adulthood was tough. It was the challenge of getting them live food that made the whole thing nearly impossible at that time.

We are based in Singapore but we do have a wide network of Betta breeders for us to acquire top quality Bettas. Our network span from Singapore to Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.

Our main aim as Betta breeders is to breed for more colorful Bettas with the best finnage possible. It requires a lot of years of knowledge and experience to breed high quality Bettas. Nevertheless we will push ahead with our Betta dreams.

Do enjoy browsing through our humble website and drop us a message. A hello would be fine too. 🙂

About Us

BettaSplendid.com is a site dedicated to Betta keeping and Betta breeding.

A platform for Betta enthusiasts to acquire Quality Bettas for keeping and breeding.

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